Zima Go: UV Retainer Case Review 2024

An honest review from a dentist of the Zima Go UV retainer case

Zima Go have really levelled up with their UV case, offering protection AND high quality disinfection to retainers and aligners. For a generally unexciting product, Zima Go looks great, handles well and is a handy accessory when on-the-go. Unlike other plastic cases, the Zima Go has a protective yet light-weight aluminum alloy body. It feels high end and well built, with a smoothe one-handed slide opening.

The 1-minute UV sterilisation is a huge benefit packed in to the case, meaning I know my retainer is germ-free when I put them back in. It isn’t designed for immersion cleaning, and shouldn’t replace your daily ultrasonic cleaning or soaking, but it’s a brilliant way to keep your retainers safe and hygienically clean when travelling.

Yes its a little on the pricey side, but I like the Zima Go, and recommend it as a worthwhile investment in your retainer care.

✅ Effective UV cleaning

✅ Sturdy aluminium case

✅ Sleek design

✅ One handed operation

❌ Expensive compared to other retainer cases

❌ Some minor scratches after being in my bag for a few months

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Zima Go UV Oral Appliance Case

If you, like me, wear retainers, you understand the commitment to wearing them to keep teeth straight. The fear of losing or damaging them is real. As a dentist, I’ve seen many patients struggling with warped or dirty retainers, and even lost ones! So, when I tried out the Zima Go, I wanted to see if it could make life with retainers easier.

After using it for three months, I must say, the Zima Go impressed me. Retainer cases aren’t the most exciting of gadgets, but Zima have added a touch of luxury with their metal aluminium casing. The slide opening and magnetic closure make it easy to use with just one hand.

I wear my retainer during the day, and the Zima Go has been super helpful in keeping it safe when I take it out for lunch or a coffee break. The UV cleaning light doesn’t visibly remove stains, but knowing it has sterilised my retainers, gives me peace of mind before putting them back in my mouth.

With quick charging and excellent battery life, I can make use of the UV cleaning capability when i’m travelling or on-the-go use. It’s not enough to replace regular deep cleaning, and I would still recommend using effervescent tablets or an ultrasonic cleaner, like the Zima Pod for that.

The price tag? Ok yes, it is more expensive than the average retainer case- but it offers SO much more. The Zima Go is a premium product that not only looks good, and is durable, but will disinfect your appliance in just 1 minute.


  • Strong aluminum alloy case
  • Long lasting and well built

The Zima Go case is made from a sturdy and protective aluminium alloy. Unlike most retainer cases that are plastic and flimsy, I’m confident that the Zima Go will last me for years. After three months of being tossed around in my bag, it has shown its resilience to daily use. It has got some minor scratches, but still looks great, with no dents in sight. I feel confident storing my retainers in it, knowing they’re well protected.

The opening mechanism still operates smoothly and flawlessly, and I’ve had no issues operating the UV cleaning feature too. I’m really impressed with the durability of the Zima Go.

Category score: 90%

UV Cleaning Performance

  • Dual action UV-sterilisation
  • 1 minute disinfection
  • Clinically proven for safety and effectiveness

I love the added feature of UV disinfection of the Zima Go, offering a hygienic clean in a natural way, with no harmful chemicals. I regularly wear my retainers during the day, and it’s so convenient to be able to clean them, each time I take them out to eat or drink. Simply rinse and pop your retainers in the case, for complete disinfection in just 1 minute at the press of a button.

It is difficult to assess the cleaning performance at home, and apart from seeing the light on, my retainers didn’t look any different. However, although you may not notice a visible change, the Zima Go uses a dual-action UV cleaning system designed to effectively sterilise your retainer, without need for mechanical cleaning. This ensures your retainers are safe and damage free, unlike abrasive cleaning methods. Even brushing your retainer using a soft brush can cause micro scratches, which could harbour bacteria.

Zima claim extensive testing and development, to clean effectively without causing any damage to your appliance.

The interior reflective surface of the Zima Go ensures UV light reaches all areas of your retainer. UV-C rays are emitted with a wavelength of 220-260nm, which has been proven to eliminate 99.99% of disease-causing microbes [1]. The accompanying UVA light then, not only deals with any surviving microorganisms, but also helps remove stains and odours, keeping your retainer both hygienic and looking good.

Personally, I didn’t see a huge difference is staining or odour, and so I wouldn’t say that it should replace a daily immersion in water and deep clean with an ultrasonic cleaner like the Zima Pod, or effervescent tablets. However, for travel and use during the day, the UV cleaning capability of the Zima Go is a huge bonus, giving me confidence in the cleanliness of my retainer every time I use it.

Category score: 85%


  • Functional and aesthetic
  • Smoothe opening and magnetic closure
  • Simple and safe UV cleaning function
  • Long battery life for UV cleaning

The Zima Go looks great and works well, transforming a typically unexciting product into something eye-catching and functional. The case features a secure magnetic closure and a sliding lid mechanism, allowing for seamless one-handed operation. With a gentle push, you can effortlessly slide the lid open to place your dental appliance inside, and the built-in magnet ensures the lid snaps shut securely, keeping the UV lights sealed inside for safe and effective cleaning.

zima go

The UV light automatically turns off after 1 minute and also turns off if the box is slid open, enhancing safety. Weighing just 120g, it’s lightweight and convenient for everyday use and travel. The interior of the case is waterproof, making it easy to clean after use, and you can rinse off any debris from your retainer without worrying about causing damage.

Constructed from a lightweight yet robust aluminum alloy, the Zima Go is built to last, with exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Inside, the case is made from a combination of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polycarbonate (PC), both resilient and safe materials for sterilisation devices, with a reflective quality that helps spread the UV light effectively.

Powered by a built-in 300mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Zima Go boasts efficient power consumption, allowing for months of use between charges. Charging is simple and convenient with a modern USB Type-C port, and an indicator light lets you know when it’s charging and when the battery is fully charged.

Category score: 90%

Size and capacity

One set of (2) retainers comfortably fit inside the Zima Go, and 2 sets (4 retainers) at a push. It’s compact size (90mm x 28.5mm) is ideal for travelling with. The internal space (84.5mm x 20.2mm) means that you can fit in more for transportation.
Be careful not to pack the case too tightly though. If you have too many appliances in side the case at once, sterilisation may not be optimal: the UV light needs to reach all surfaces for effective cleaning.

It isn’t deep enough to allow for immersion cleaning with water or effervescent tablets. But it isn’t really designed for that anyway. The ZIma Go, in my opinion, is the perfect size to fit comfortably in your bag when you’re travelling.

The Zima Go has unique crescent interior shape of the case is ideal for fitting a range of oral appliances, including aligners, retainers, mouthguards, biteguards, nightguards, partial dentures, and even toothbrush heads.

Category score: 80%


  • £59.99
  • The value justifies the price

At £59.99, the Zima Go might seem expensive but, on balance, I think it’s worth it. Sure, you can pick up a plastic case at a fraction of the price, but Zima Go offers much more than a case for your retainers.

It’s aluminium alloy exterior is high quality, hard-wearing and built to last.The UV sterilisation, means chemical-free and damage-free cleaning for your retainers in just 1 minute.

Adding further value, Zima offer a 30 day money back guarantee, and a full 12 month warranty.

I’ve enjoyed using Zima Go, knowing that my retainers are protected and hygienically clean.

Category score: 70%

Who Is This Product For?

The Zima Go is perfect if you wear your retainers or aligners during the day and need a safe place to keep them clean while you eat. It’s also great for traveling if you want to make sure your retainer stays fresh. Since you don’t need to physically brush your retainer as often, there’s less chance of damaging it or creating grooves where bacteria can hide.

If you care about high quality, and want a premium accessory, then the Zima Go is for you. The sleek design not only looks great, but is designed for travel. It offers great protection for your retainers, and keeps them hygienically clean

These cases are versatile and work for all kinds of dental appliances, including:

  • retainers
  • dentures
  • Invisalign or clear aligners
  • mouthguards
  • whitening trays
  • toothbrush heads

How We Reviewed This Product

As dentists, we have helped thousands of patients over the last 10 years, and we know what works.

Wearing retainers is a must for maintaining your teeth position after braces or aligners. But keeping them clean and safe can be a challenge.

I used the Zima Go every day for three months (and counting) with my own vivera retainers. There are no science trials or research, just using it to offer an honest review for our patients. We only recommend products that we would use ourselves.

Retainer Case Alternatives

I’ve got to say that on balance, I was really impressed with the Zima Go retainer case, and I would recommend it to my patients.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative though, check out the Encase retainer case.

Encase Dental Retainer Case with Dental Bath


The Encase retainer case is cheaper alternative to the Zima Dental. It doesn’t have UV cleaning, but it is deeper set to allow for soaking in cleaning solution/tablets. It has made of a lightweight material that is sturdy and protective.


Cheap, sturdy box 

Deep to allow for immersion cleaning 


Not leak proof 

No UV cleaning 


I’m a fan of the Zima Go retainer case, and I’ll be continuing to keep it in my bag for cleaning my retainers on the go.

I think it’s good value for money, and as a dentist, I appreciate the promise of keeping my retainers protected and cleaned damage-free to help prolong the life of my retainers for as long as possible.

For retainer cleaning when travelling the Zima Go is a no brainer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Zima dental pod and Zima go?

The Zima Dental Pod and the Zima Go are both useful accessories which, when used together, provide all round cleaning and protection for your retainers. The Zima Pod is intended to be used at-home, providing daily deep ultrasonic cleaning. The Zima Go, is more useful when on the go, allowing for protection and sterilisation when travelling.

Is the Zima Go UV retainer case safe?

Yes, the Zima Go UV retainer case is safe for use. UV-C light kills bacteria and viruses by damaging their DNA. It’s commonly used in healthcare to sterilise surfaces. Exposing eyes to UV-C rays can be dangerous, so it’s important to avoid opening the case during the sterilisation cycle. With safety in mind, the Zima Go has built in automatic shut off after one minute, or if the lid is opened during the cleaning cycle.

Dr Ambika Amini

Dr Ambika Amini

BDS (Honours) London 2014, BSc Neuroscience (Hons) 2010. Dr Ambika Amini is a private dentist who has worked in 4 practices across West Yorkshire. She has an interest in Fixed Orthodontics and Clear Aligners.

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