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Dr Nilesh Dayaram

Dr Nilesh Dayaram

  • BSc (Hons) BDS MFDS (RCS Edinburgh) PG Cert Sedation MSc Endodontology
  • £59.00
    0 Reviews
Dr Atrina Ghezel

Dr Atrina Ghezel

  • BDS MFDS MSc(Endo)
  • £95.00
    0 Reviews
Ambika Amini
Ambika Amini
Reviewed by Alice R
Read More
This review is on behalf of my mother who is in her early 60’s and had to have an emergency tooth removal. All the staff from the receptionist to the dentist Ambika and her assistant were absolutely brilliant, professional, friendly, interested, loving and caring.
Jarri Amini
Jarri Amini
Reviewed by Lynsey L
Read More
Pleasant and friendly reception staff. Dentist always happy and discusses everything as he goes along. Always makes appointment painless.
Ambika Amini
Ambika Amini
Reviewed by Sarah F
Read More
I was very happy today as always, Ambika my dentist was very kind and thoughtful, she explained everything about what she was about to do as she usually does. Also, she has a lovely way with patients.
Jarri Amini
Jarri Amini
Reviewed by Susan F
Read More
Jarri never fails to impress with his knowledge, patience, enthusiasm and ability to put a nervous patient at ease. For me the calm relaxed environment tells you that this Practice try hard to achieve the almost impossible - a pleasant visit to the dentist!

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The 5 most popular questions you're asking

Composite Edge Bonding is a dental procedure that changes the shape of your teeth to improve their appearance.

It involves adding a tooth-coloured, composite resin material onto the edges of the teeth.This creates a more symmetrical, straight, and aesthetically pleasing look. 

Although most patients are pleased with the results, not all cases are successful. It is important to consider your individual needs and discuss with a dentist if this composite edge bonding is right for you. I would highly recommend choosing a dentist with experience and a track record of successful results.

Read more on Composite edge bonding

A dentist sends scans or moulds of your teeth to a lab to make customised aligners. Tooth coloured attachments are placed on the front surface of some teeth. The patient is then provided with a full set of aligners, each of which should be worn for 10-14 days at a time, for at least 22 hours of the day. With each consecutive set of aligners, will move into the desired position.

Read more on Types of braces

Good Oral Hygiene: Brushing teeth 2 x a day, with a fluoride toothpaste helps to keep enamel strong , and may prevent early white spot lesions becoming cavities. This is especially the case when undergoing orthodontic treatment. Make sure you clean around brackets well.

Low Acidity in Diet: Avoid too many fizzy and sugary drinks, as well as citrus fruits.

Avoid excessive fluoride intake: Encourage children to only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Always spit at the end of brushing and avoid swallowing.

Use a mouth guard: If your child is taking part in contact sports encourage them to use a mouthguard, to prevent dental trauma which could affect adult teeth.

Read more on White spots on teeth

Although water is the healthiest choice, unsweetened sparkling water is generally not bad for your teeth, as long as it’s drunk in moderation. Sparkling water can cause mild levels of enamel erosion, but much healthier for your teeth compared to fruit juices, flavoured waters and soft drinks. [1]

We know that sugary fizzy drinks are bad for our teeth, and should limit how often we drink them. Thought of as a popular alternative, the fizzy bubbles may leave you wondering ‘is sparkling water bad for your teeth?’ The answer is generally no, and I would much rather my patients drink sparkling water than lemonade. However, beware of flavoured or sweetened varieties of sparkling water, which do put teeth at risk of erosion and decay.

Read more on How sparkling water affects your teeth 

If you have cavities which are trapping food and bacteria, they could be a source of bad breath. Getting a cavity cleaned out and filled by a dentist could help resolve the issue.

As a dentist, I am often asked if cavities cause bad breath, and similar questions by patients who worry about bad breath. Below I cover how cavities can cause bad breath. I will then go on to explain other more common causes and how to resolve these.

Read more on Cavities and bad breath

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