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Dr Jarri Amini recommends the best electric toothbrush for you!

These are my recommendations for the best electric toothbrush 2024.

Switching to an electric toothbrush can make a significant improvement to your dental health. But not all toothbrushes are made equal. With so many different options available, it’s important to know what features to look for in the best electric toothbrush. I often advise my patients to opt for an electric toothbrush, and in this article, I will outline the most important factors to consider such as battery life, brushing modes, and pressure sensors, to help find a brush most suited to you.

I’m often asked which type of electric toothbrush is best. Sonic technology, as used in Philips Sonicare brushes, gently vibrate and pulsate, whereas Oral B toothbrushes clean with a physical rotating/oscillating action. They both offer superior cleaning (compared to manual toothbrushing), and are equally dentist recommended: the choice of technology is really down to personal preference. 

From budget-friendly choices to high-end models, with varying performance, comfort, and added features, there’s something out there for everyone. Some toothbrushes even come with convenient features such as pre-charged batteries right out of the box. By weighing the pros and cons of different designs and functionalities, you can easily decide which electric toothbrush is the right fit for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Look for a long battery life, variable brushing modes, medium bristles, and a pressure sensor as essentials
  • Electric toothbrushes work with either rotating/oscillating motion or sonic vibration. Both work well, and are down to personal preference
  • Consider the available features such as smart technology in budget-friendly and high-end toothbrush options

6 Top Picks – at a glance

Best Electric Toothbrush Overall Oral B IO Series 8 (This is the one I use)

Best Value Electric ToothbrushOral B Pro 3

Best Electric Toothbrush for SustainabilitySURI Electric Brush

Best Sonic Electric ToothbrushPhilips Diamond Clean 

Best High-end Electric ToothbrushOral B IO Series 10

Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids – Oral-B Pro Junior Kids Electric Toothbrush

Best Electric Toothbrush Overall

Oral B IO Series 8

Key Features

⚙️ Oscillates, rotates and pulses

🚨Pressure Sensor and Visual Timer

🔋Battery life is 2 weeks + 

👅 6 cleaning modes and Full Colour display

Cleaning Score: ⭐️ 5/5

Value for Money: ⭐️ 4/5

Why I Recommend this Electric Toothbrush?

Having used the Oral B Genius range toothbrush for several years, I would routinely recommend these brushes to my patients. The oscillating/rotating heads are extremely effective at plaque removal, and my mouth felt clean after use.

But when I tried the Oral B IO Series for the first time, I was seriously impressed by the jump in technology and performance.

The IO8 cleans just as effectively, but feels a noticeable upgrade to previous generations of Oral B brushes. I particularly appreciated how it performs much more quietly and feels more gentle compared to older versions. The added micro pulsation offers the feel of sonic technology, whilst retaining its oscillating-rotating cleaning power. This really makes it the stand out brush for me, and I’ve used it ever since.

Its interactive colour display provides helpful information including a visual timer, battery level indicator, and brush head replacement reminder. With AI brush tracking, the IO8 recognises and adapts to your brushing style, guiding you towards full mouth cleaning.

I really liked the bluetooth connected Oral B phone app as an additional educational tool. Using the app whilst brushing tracks progress, and guides cleaning across your mouth to encourage thorough brushing.

The Oral B IO8 offers six smart modes allowing you to customise your brushing experience. Important for those who tend to brush vigorously, a brilliant feature is the enhanced smart pressure sensor which signals if you’re using too excessive, or if you’re not applying enough pressure while brushing, helping you find that sweet spot.

The magnetic charger is also an appreciated upgrade from older iterations, offering stable and fast charging in only three hour

Pros: Effective cleaning, good customer support, quiet and gentle

Cons: Battery life 2 weeks, There are cheaper alternatives.

How many heads does it come with? One

Replacement Head Cost: ~ £6 / head

Best Value Electric Toothbrush

Oral B Pro 3

Key Features

🧊 Oscillating and rotating round head

🚨 360 degree visible pressure sensor

⏱️ 2 minute timer and pacer

🔋 Battery life is 2 weeks + 

📈 3 brushing modes – Daily, Sensitive, Whitening

Cleaning Score: ⭐️ 4/5

Value for Money: ⭐️ 5/5

Why I Recommend this Electric Toothbrush?

For value-for-money you can’t beat the Oral B Pro 3. Be it basic, it has all the essential features in an electric toothbrush. The Pro 3 is my most recommended entry-level electric toothbrush and has been for years.

Equipped with a 3-dimensional oscillating-rotating cleaning head, the Oral B Pro 3 offers effective plaque removal and cleaning performance. Importantly, it has a visual pressure sensor and built-in timer to ensure gentle, yet thorough cleaning. Compatible with multiple brush heads, from sensitive soft bristle heads, to small interspace brushes, you can customise your brushing experience. (Best Oral B Brush Heads).

It is limited in terms of its smart technology; it doesn’t have bluetooth connectivity, meaning it isn’t compatible with the Oral B app. Although I do think the app is a really useful educational tool (for all ages), it isn’t essential. It’s also important to note, that it operates considerably louder and a little more rattly than the more refined IO8.

If smart tech and noise levels are important to you, then the Oral B Pro 3 isn’t for you. However, I recommended the Oral B Pro 3 as a brilliant budget-friendly electric toothbrush offering superior cleaning.

Pros: Great Clean

Cons: No app connectivity, Less modes, Loud

How many heads does it come with? One

Replacement Head Cost: ~ £2.50 / head

Best Electric Toothbrush for Sustainability

SURI sustainable electric toothbrush


Key Features:

♻️ Recyclable brush heads

⏱️ Timer

🔋Battery life is 4 weeks + 

📈 2 brushing modes

Cleaning Score: ⭐️ 4/5

Value for Money: ⭐️ 4/5

Why I Recommend this Electric Toothbrush?

SURI has created a high-performance sonic electric toothbrush with a strong focus on sustainability, aiming to address the issue of plastic waste in the oral care industry. Unlike traditional toothbrushes, the SURI sonic toothbrush is modular, allowing for individual components to be separated for reuse, repair, or recycling.

The SURI sonic toothbrush meets most of the criteria for an ideal electric toothbrush. It is environmentally conscious, provides superior cleaning, and boasts a sleek design.

Equipped with an inbuilt pacer and timer, it ensures even brushing across the mouth for the recommended 2 minutes. With medium soft bristles and sonic vibrating technology, it offers a gentle yet effective clean. My only negative is the absence of a pressure sensor, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re prone to brushing very hard.

It also comes with a case for charging, cleaning and travelling. See our full review on the SURI electric brush.

Pros: Stylish design, Recyclable Heads, Long battery life (4 weeks+)

Cons: No pressure sensor

How many heads does it come with? One

Replacement Head Cost: ~ £4 / Head

Best Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Phillips Diamond Clean 9000


Key Specs:

🪥 4 Cleaning Modes and 3 Intensities

🔋 2-3 Week Battery Life

📱Phone App – BrushSync

Cleaning Score: ⭐️ 4/5

Value for Money: ⭐️ 4/5

Why I Recommend this Electric Toothbrush?

When it comes to electric toothbrush brands, Philips Sonicare is a major rival to Oral B.

Sonic technology brushes feel quite different to rotating brush heads. The Phlips Diamond Clean brush head moves with 62,000 gentle movements/pulsations per minute. Having used a Philips Sonicare for many years, I appreciate the massaging feeling of the sonic vibrations along the gum line.

This sonic technology removes plaque by gently pulsing fluid between the teeth and gum line, and helps to encourage toothpaste to froth up for effective coverage. Brushing technique is simple; gently glide the brush along the gum margin, holding it along each tooth surface for 3-5 seconds across the mouth.

The high-frequency vibrations of the brush head provide a gentle, yet thorough clean, removing plaque and surface stains for a brighter, healthier smile. I personally switched to Oral B because I preferred the oscillating/rotating motion of their brush heads.

With multiple cleaning modes and intensity settings, it’s suitable for all dental needs, from sensitive gums to deep cleaning. And the long battery life and sleek design make it a convenient and stylish addition to any oral care routine.

I’d be sceptical of the claim that it whitens your teeth, as it will not intrinsically whiten your teeth. Regular and efffective toothbrush can help to remove some surface level staining. If you’re interested in teeth whitening, a professional tooth whitening kit is much more effective.

Pros: Sonic vibrations feel great on your teeth, Gentle and effective

Cons: Cheaper sonic brushes are available, Not oscillating/rotating, larger brush heads can be more difficult to manoeuvre

How many heads does it come with? 3 x premium plaque control brush heads

Replacement Head Cost: ~ £7 / Head

Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Oral-B Pro Junior Kids Electric Toothbrush


Key Features

🧊 3D movement for enhanced cleaning: oscillates, rotates and pulses

🚨 Pressure sensor and Timer

🔋Battery life is 2 weeks + 

📈 3 brushing modes

Cleaning Score: ⭐️ 4/5

Value for Money: ⭐️ 4/5

Why I Recommend this Electric Toothbrush?

I recommend electric toothbrushes for children aged 3 and over. The Oral B Pro Junior is designed for children aged 6+, around the time their first adult teeth start to emerge. I love it’s clean and simple design for kids, and the small rotating head with soft bristles for gentle, yet effective plaque removal.

The availability of three modes – clean, sensitive, and polish – provides versatility for kids, who can control the intensity they prefer. The handle is ergonomically designed for easy handling for children, and the soft bristles ensure a comfortable cleaning experience.

The inclusion of a pressure sensor that lights up red when excessive pressure not only promotes healthier brushing habits but also ensures the safety of their gums.

In addition to the pressure sensor, the toothbrush offers a pacer, which signals every 30 seconds to guide children to clean each quadrant of their mouth equally. A 2-minute timer encourages brushing for the recommended time. A convenient travel case keeps the toothbrush clean and damage free for holidays and sleepovers.

If you’re interested in the range of brushes for children, we’ve tested a bunch in our article on Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids.

Pros: Great design, 3D cleaning head, Travel case, Timer and pressure sensor.

Cons: No app, a little noisy

How many heads does it come with? One

Replacement Head Cost: £2.50 / Head

Best High-end Electric Toothbrush

Oral B IO Series 10


Key Specs:

🦷 7 Cleaning Modes – Including Intense+ and Super Sensitive

🔋 Battery Life 2-3 weeks

📱Live training with base and app

Cleaning Score: ⭐️ 5/5

Value for Money: ⭐️ 2/5

The Oral B IO Series 10 electric toothbrush is truly top of the line, with all the bells and whistles. It’s one of the more expensive brushes on the market, but in terms of features, it has it all. The IO10 boasts an interactive screen, integrated phone app, stylish design, a travel case, and a unique charging stand.

The magnetic stand does it all – charging, a visual timer, and a pressure sensor, plus AI-led positional training to ensure you’re brushing all the surfaces of your mouth. I enjoyed using the app and stand with my 7 year old son to encourage better brushing habits. The Oral B app especially is an excellent educational tool with reminders to replace heads, rewards for effective brushing, and alerts for mouthwash/flossing.

And on top of all that, it offers a quiet and smooth brushing experience, typical of the IO series, and fully charges in just 3 hours.

Pros: All the modes, Smart charging stand.

Cons: Expensive, Brush heads not compatible with older non-IO models.

How many heads does it come with? 1 Ultimate Clean Head

Replacement Head Cost: Around £6 (but non branded are available, see our guide on best Oral B Brush Heads)

How to Choose the Best Electric Toothbrush?

As dentists, we recommend brushing twice daily with an electric toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste. But knowing which brush to choose can be difficult. Look for a toothbrush with the following key features to help with your oral health.

Understanding Electric Toothbrush Technology

When selecting an electric toothbrush, the first thing to decide on is the brush technology. Both sonic and oscillating brushes work well, but they feel and handle quite differently as you clean your teeth.

Rotating/oscillating brushes, like Oral-B Pro 3, are known for their robust cleaning ability, making them ideal for removing plaque and maintaining a healthy gum line. Sonic toothbrushes, such as those from Philips Sonicare, also provide powerful cleaning and are designed to reach deep between teeth with their high-frequency vibrations.

The Science Behind Sonic and Oscillating Toothbrushes

Sonic toothbrushes operate with high-frequency vibrations, typically about 31,000 strokes per minute. This technology helps create gentle vibrations that drive fluid in toothpaste and saliva all around your teeth and gums, to efficiently lift away plaque and debris. Popular models like the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean 9000 and SURI toothbrush use this technology for a thorough clean. The vibrations can feel ticklish when first using, but is pleasant and teeth feel noticeably cleaner after use.

Oscillating toothbrushes such as the Oral B range, have rotating brush heads that spin back and forth. These movements physically break up plaque on the surface of your teeth. This rotation motion can feel more intense, compared to sonic brushes, but again not unpleasant.

Both technologies aim to improve your oral health but offer different cleaning experiences. It’s important to choose the type that fits your dental needs and personal preferences.

Advancements in AI and Smart Features

Modern electric toothbrushes may have integrated smart technology to enhance your brushing skills. Some, as in the Oral B iO10 include real-time feedback as you brush, to highlight areas you may have missed when cleaning your teeth. App connectivity, like the Oral-B app, are a brilliant educational and motivational tool: they provide insights into your brushing techniques, give gentle reminders to floss/replace brush heads, and allows you to set oral health targets.

AI-driven models track your brushing patterns and suggest improvements. These brushes can even adjust their intensity based on the pressure you apply. Smart features like these add a personalised touch, making your daily dental care routine more efficient and effective. Choose a brush with advanced features if you value real-time guidance and personalisation in your oral hygiene.

Evaluating Design and Functionality

When choosing the best electric toothbrush for you, consider the design of the brush. You can select the size and style of brush head, battery life, and brushing modes to suit you

Choosing the Correct Brush Head

Selecting the appropriate brush head for you is key. Brush heads vary in size, bristle type, and shape. Round brush heads, as used in Oral-B models, offers a focused clean, and designed specifically for hard to reach areas in your mouth. Oval shaped heads, however, are for broader coverage.

Look for brush heads with soft – medium bristles. This will allow you to tackle plaque effectively, whilst being gentle on your teeth and gums. Some electric toothbrushes are compatible with multiple brush head styles, designed for specific needs, such as interspace cleaning or whitening. For more information on different Oral B toothbrush heads, read my article on the top 10 brush heads to use.

Assessing Battery Life and Recharging

All of the toothbrushes recommended have an excellent battery life. Battery life and recharging options make a significant difference in the usability of an electric toothbrush. Many modern brushes are rechargeable, often lasting between one to three weeks on a single charge, depending on usage. Impressively, the SURI toothbrush battery can last over 6 weeks on a single charge, making it a great option when travelling.

NOTE: If you find your new toothbrush is running out of battery regularly within a couple of days, it’s worth contacting the customer service team of the manufacturer. There have been cases where there are faulty battery components. We had to send an IO8 back to Oral B but they promptly sent us a new one without too much fuss.

Consider whether the toothbrush includes a convenient charging stand or uses USB, which can be handy for travel. Also, look for indicators that warn you when the battery is low to avoid unexpected shutdowns.

The Importance of Brushing Modes for Different Needs

Brushing modes allow you to customise your brushing intensity and speed. Basic models may offer a single mode suitable for daily cleaning, while more advanced (and expensive) models often provide multiple modes for specific needs such as gum care, sensitive teeth, or whitening.

For personal use, I don’t think it’s necessary to have so many modes, as you’re likely to stick to the one you find most comfortable. However, varying modes does allow for multiple people to use the same toothbrush (using their own brush head of course) with the individual setting they prefer.

The Oral B IO8 offers six modes, including one specifically designed for sensitive teeth. The modes typically alter the intensity and speed of the vibrations, and can be adjusted for those who experience pain with standard settings. A sensitive setting uses less power and is gentler on sensitive gums, whilst a whitening mode may have a pulsating action to tackle surface stains.

Comparing Performance and Comfort

When choosing an electric toothbrush, you want one that effectvely cleans your teeth while being comfortable to use. Look at the speed of rotations/vibrations delivered to evaluate their cleaning power, and comfort.

Noise Level and Vibration Comfort

The noise level of electric toothbrushes can vary widely. If you’re sensitive to sound, you might prefer a quieter model. The Oral B IO Series is noted for its lower noise compared to other models, making it a good choice if you prefer a quieter brushing experience. Alternatively, sonic toothbrushes tend to produce a different kind of sound that’s higher-pitched but often perceived as less noisy overall.

Vibration comfort is also important. Some users may find the intense vibrations of certain toothbrushes, like high-powered ultrasonic models, uncomfortable. At a speed of 33000 vibrations a minute, the SURI is noticeably less intense compared to some Philips Sonicare models (which can reach up to 62,000 vibrations). It’s beneficial to test a few models if possible to see which suits you.

Look for features like an ergonomic grip and pressure sensors, which can alert you if you’re brushing too hard.

Exploring Additional Features and Accessories

Selecting an electric toothbrush isn’t just about choosing between brands. Additional features and accessories can enhance your brushing experience, making it more effective and convenient.

Timer Functions: Ensuring Proper Brushing Duration

Most dentists recommend brushing for at least two minutes. Electric toothbrushes often include timer functions to help you achieve this. Many models feature a two-minute timer that signals when you’ve brushed for the recommended duration. Some also have a quad-pacer, which beeps every 30 seconds to remind you to move to another quadrant of your mouth. These timers help ensure you’re not cutting your brushing sessions short.

Travel-Friendly Solutions and Storage

For those always on the move, a travel case is a must-have accessory. Some electric toothbrushes come with compact travel cases that not only protect your toothbrush but also organise brush heads and even have space for chargers. This helps keep everything together and hygienic, preventing damage during travel. Look for models that also offer USB charging for added convenience.

Making Your Purchase: Price, Quality and Brands

Choosing the best electric toothbrush involves looking at the cost-to-quality ratio, identifying reliable brands, and considering warranty and customer support. These factors ensure you get value for money and a dependable device for your dental care.

Balancing Cost and Quality for Your Budget

Finding the right balance between cost and quality is key. Your budget plays a significant role, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on features. There are excellent options available for every price range. Affordable options, such as the Oral-B Pro 3, offer advanced features and better durability at approximately £40. For those looking for premium features, the Oral-B iO10 stands out with exceptional technology and performance, justifying its higher price point.

Warranties and Customer Support

When investing in an electric toothbrush, consider the warranty and customer support offered by the brand. Many high-end models come with a two-year warranty as standard. Oral-B and Philips are known for their reliable customer support and comprehensive warranties. SURI, offer a lifetime guarantee if you subscribe to their toothrbush head replacement service, and have worked to design a toothbrush for life, with replaceable parts. Having strong customer support offers peace of mind that you can get assistance quickly, should you need it.

How we tested Electric Toothbrushes to find the best ones for you

As a dentist, it’s important to be up to date with the latest dental technology to provide the best care for my patients. An electric toothbrush is an essential contributor of good oral health, and I wanted to find the best option to recommend to my patients.

To do this, I looked at different brands and models of electric toothbrushes available to test their effectiveness in removing plaque, their battery life, and their overall usability.

My family and I used plaque disclosing tablets to visualise and measure the amount of plaque removed by each toothbrush. We tested the battery life, and the usability of each toothbrush, considering factors such as ease of use, comfort, and overall performance.

After thorough testing and evaluation, we chose the Oral B IO Series 8 as the best electric toothbrush based on its superior ability to effectively remove plaque, long-lasting battery life, and user-friendly design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I look for in an electric toothbrush?

First, think about the brush head’s design. Look for soft bristles and a small head to easily reach all areas of your mouth. A built-in timer is also handy to ensure you’re brushing for the recommended two minutes. Look for a pressure sensor to prevent you from brushing too hard and damaging your gums.

How do I determine which electric toothbrush is the most suitable for my oral hygiene routine?

Consider your specific dental needs. If you have sensitive gums, choose a model with a sensitive mode. For those aiming for whitening, look for modes designed to address surface stains. Also, assess the battery life, especially if you travel frequently. Some brushes offer up 5 weeks of battery life on a single charge, which is ideal for travellers.

What is the best budget friendly electric toothbrush?

Look for models that offer essential features like a two-minute timer, pressure sensor, and a decent battery life. The Oral-B Pro 3 is a popular choice under £50 and strikes a great balance between high quality and affordability.

I want an electric toothbrushes, how do I choose between an Oral-B and a Sonicare?

Oral-B toothbrushes typically use a rotary motion, which is effective for removing plaque and improving gum health. Philips Sonicare brushes use sonic technology, which offers a sweeping motion and is gentle on the gums. Your choice depends on personal preference and specific dental needs. Some people prefer the feeling of Oral-B’s rotation/oscillation, while others might find Sonicare’s gentle sweeping motion more comfortable.

Our Verdict

The best electric toothbrush is one that cleans your teeth the effectively and efficiently, feels comfortable and is built to last. Offering all of this, and with its smart features working to educate and improve your oral health, Oral B IO Series 8 is the top choice. It is a high end product, and a higher price point but is a great brush for all the family.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, that still ticks all the boxes, then the Oral B Series Pro 3 offers great cleaning performance. It doesn’t have smart technology, but it has all the essential components of an excellent electric toothbrush.

If you are looking for the Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids, I’ve written a guide specifically on this.

Remember, its important for everyone to see a dentist at least once a year for a check-up to ensure there are no issues with your teeth. If you don’t have a dentist yet, find a dentist from our comprehensive directory.

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