Toothbrush Review 2024: Dada-tech Kids Electric Toothbrush DT-KE9

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A dentist and her 4 year old daughter review the Dadatech Kids Electric toothbrush DT-KE9

The Dada-Tech Kids Electric Toothbrush makes toothbrushing an exciting experience for children. Created with kids aged 3-6 in mind, its engaging and playful design instantly attracted my 4 year old, turning a daily routine into a fun activity.

The toothbrush’s soft bristles and small head make it a safe choice, preventing any damage from enthusiastic brushing common in young kids. The gentle vibrations, with three modes, is comfortable and effective for removing plaque.

I particularly like the automatic shut-off feature, helping to teach children to continue brushing for a full 2 minutes until the toothbrush turns off. It doesn’t have an electronic display or an integrated app, but considering the price point, the Dada-Tech Kids Electric Toothbrush offers good value and is a fun and effective toothbrush for little ones.

✅ Comes with 4 replacement heads

✅ Child friendly design

✅ Rechargeable with USB, long battery life 

✅ Soft bristles, and small heads ideal for little mouths

❌ No oscillating or rotating head 

❌ No time display 

❌ No integrated app feature

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Dada-Tech Kids Electric Toothbrush DT-KE9

Being both a dentist and a mum, it’s crucial to instill good oral hygiene habits into my young children. Unfortunately, my 4 year old doesn’t share in my passion for toothbrushing! I introduced the Dada-Tech Kids Electric Toothbrush into our routine of twice daily brushing and use of an age appropriate fluoride toothpaste. Considering it is an unfamiliar brand (unlike Oral B or Philips) I was pleasantly surprised. The flashing lights and cute design instantly captivated my child, and she was keen to try it out.

With her willingly brushing twice daily, the toothbrush has proven effective. Like many kids her age, my daughter has a habit of biting the toothbrush head, and so the super-soft bristles have taken a bit of a battering. While the bristle heads may need more frequent replacement, soft bristles are really important to prevent children from causing damage by enthusiastic brushing. Thankfully, Dada-tech include 4 replacement heads in their kit.

Dada-tech Kids Electric Toothbrush

The broad silicone handle offers a comfortable grip for young children. The gentle sonic vibrations were ticklish at first, but my daughter soon adapted to the sensation when brushing. The toothbrush features 3 modes, including a massaging and more intense ‘whitening’ mode. Though I don’t agree on the choice of words for children, the varying modes can be used to according to your child’s preference.

The Dada-Tech toothbrush has a built in pacer and timer, encouraging even cleaning around the mouth. I particularly liked the the automatic shut-off feature after 2 minutes of brushing, though a display timer or integrated app would have been good as a more direct visual cue.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Dada-Tech kids electric toothbrush. Initially cautious as an unfamiliar brand, it turned out to be a big hit with my daughter. Delivering an efficient clean, boasting an impressive 30-day battery life on a single charge, and offering great value for money, it exceeded my expectations.

Brushing Effectiveness

  • Small oval shaped head ideal for cleaning little mouths
  • Soft bristles to protect teeth and gums
  • Sonic vibration cleaning technology
  • 3 cleaning modes

The Dada-tech’s acoustic vibration sonic technology works by creating fast vibrations that produce waves and bubbles in the mouth. These movements help remove plaque and debris from teeth and gums. Trialing on my 4 year old, it provided thorough and gentle cleaning. Using disclosing tablets, I evaluated the percentage of plaque remaining on her teeth following 2 minute brushing. Unaided, my daughter managed an excellent 20% plaque score meaning, even without adult help, she was able to clean her teeth effectively with the Dad-Tech. When I helped with brushing, we managed a 5% plaque score (it is recommended to help children with their brushing until around age 7). These scores prove that the bristles are reaching everywhere, and are effective at cleaning little mouths.

Plaque disclosing tablet shows cleaning effectiveness of the toothbrush – missed plaque shows up in purple

Although some studies suggest that oscillating and rotating toothbrushes might outperform sonic technology in removing plaque [1], the decision really boils down to personal preference and brushing style. Testing at home, I found this toothbrush to clean effectively while being gentle on young gums and teeth.

The Dada-Tech offers 35,000 vibrations per minute, with constant speed. It has three brushing modes – clean, ‘white’, and massage – indicated by different coloured lights. Though labelling it ‘whitening’ for children might be questionable, it refers to the vibrations being faster to help remove more stubborn stains. The varying modes allow you to customise the intensity appropriate for your child. My little one found it ticklish initially but quickly adapted, particularly enjoying the massage mode. Switching between modes isn’t the easiest, and needs some adult assistance.

Dada-tech Kids Electric Toothbrush
C-Shaped brush head bristles

The small C- shaped toothbrush head, narrower at the top and bottom, is designed for easy reach around gums and teeth. The 0.127mm extra soft bristles ensure gentle cleaning, without the risk of damage caused by enthusiastic brushing.

Category Score : 75%

Battery Life

  • 60 day battery life 
  • 4 hour charging time

The Dada-Tech electric toothbrush for kids offers a reliable and long-lasting battery life. Based on brushing for 2 minutes twice daily, it provides 30 days of use on a full charge. The durable lithium battery can be fully charged in only 4 hours, making it an excellent option for hassle-free use..

When the battery is running low, a blinking red light blinks serves as a reminder to charge. Rechargeable through a USB port, it can’t actually be charged via shaver points in UK bathrooms. A charging cable is included, but it doesn’t come with a plug.

Category Score : 80%

Durability and Build Quality

  • Passed the ‘drop’ test
  • Sturdy build

With the target age range of 3-6 years in mind, I put the Dada-Tech kids electric toothbrush through the ultimate durability test – the drop test. It impressed me with its resilience, showing no signs of damage or malfunction after being dropped (from a low height) several times.

The silicone handle, crafted from food-grade material, not only adds to its durability but also ensures it’s safe for my child to use. The toothbrush heads seamlessly slot into the handle, and it feels sturdy. Operating the single on and off button is simple enough for children, though the mode-switching can be a bit tricky.

After a month of use, the bristles have frayed as expected, but the overall construction seems well-made.

Category Score : 85%

Child-Friendly Design

  • Attractive and engaging design 
  • Small toothbrush head for small mouths
  • Wide comfortable grip 
  • Automatic switch off after 2 minutes 

It’s clear that Dada-Tech have really thought about children’s needs with the design of this toothbrush. The small toothbrush head is perfect for reaching around little mouths, ensuring a comfortable and effective brushing session. I reviewed the DT-KE9 with my 4-year-old daughter, and the cute dog design (available in pink, blue, and orange) and bright lights, made toothbrushing exciting for her.

The wide handle with ergonomic design and non-slip silicone ensures a secure grip for little hands. It also has vibration separation technology, a tiny motor on the top of the brush rod, that reduces hand vibration. This made the handle even more comfortable to grip, compared to some other powered toothbrushes

The toothbrush features a single power button, and automatic 2 minute switch off, making it simple for young users. The clever placement of the on button as a pendant, is a nice touch that adds to the overall charm. The toothbrush also lights up in different colours to indicate brushing modes, adding a fun element to the routine. While it can be a bit tricky to change modes, the overall child-friendly design of the Dadatech DT-KE9 enhances the brushing experience for the little ones.

Category Score : 70%

Safety Features

  • Ultra soft bristles
  • Waterproof
  • Food grade silicone body

Importantly, the DT-KE9 brush head has ultra-soft bristles, to prevent the risk of damage to children’s teeth and gums when brushing.

The toothbrush boasts a waterproof design with an IPX7 rating, ensuring protection against water ingress. This means it can withstand submersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 metre, providing peace of mind during bath time.

The toothbrush body is crafted from food-grade silicone, and is BPA and phthalate free. This aligns with safety standards and offers parents the confidence that their children can use the toothbrush safely.

Category Score : 80%

App Integration and Educational Tool

  • Integrated pacer
  • 2 minute timer
  • No companion apps/displays

The Dada-Tech has some useful features to help your little one improve their brushing technique.

It has an integrated pacer that guides brushing across four sections of your child’s mouth. The sonic vibrations pause briefly every 30 seconds, signalling it’s time to move to the next section. Keep in mind, the pause is really short, so if you’re not paying close attention, you might miss it.

There’s also a 2-minute timer and automatic shut-off, making sure your child brushes until the toothbrush stops vibrating completely. This helps prevent them from finishing too quickly. However, there’s no electronic display showing the time spent brushing, which I think would be useful to keep kids motivated. I usually use an extra timer for that visual reminder.

A big drawback for me is that there’s no inbuilt pressure sensor. This means there’s no signal for your child or you if they’re brushing too hard, which could potentially cause gum trouble. For kids aged 3-6, brushing should be supervised, but it’s still a bit of a design flaw.

There are no companion apps or visual aids to keep your child entertained during brushing. It would have been a nice addition to make the brushing routine more fun!

Category Score : 55%

Noise Level

  •  Operates quietly 

The Dadatech kids electric toothbrush, the DT-KE9, operates quietly, which is a fantastic feature, especially for children who might be sensitive to loud noises. The whitening and massage modes, although slightly louder, are not disruptive at all. In comparison to battery-operated toothbrushes I have used with my children, it’s notably quieter, meaning a more comfortable and pleasant brushing experience for kids.

Category Score : 85%


  • Cost effective as rechargeable 

I feel that this toothbrush offers good value for money, as a rechargeable electric toothbrush for children. It is reasonably affordable, compared to competitors such as Oral B and Philips, which are around triple the price. It comes with 4 replacement heads, and costs around £9 for 2 more (correct at time of writing).

Although lacking some high tech features such as an app, on balance, it is a cost-effective choice for parents looking for reliable oral care for their kids.

Category Score : 80%

Who Is This Product For?

The DADATECH Kids Electric Toothbrush is specifically designed for children aged 3 to 7 who are ready to transition to an electric toothbrush. If you find that your child needs a little extra motivation for toothbrushing, then the DT-KE9 crafted with a playful and engaging design, is an enticing choice. It helps to transform the toothbrushing routine into a fun and enjoyable activity, encouraging better compliance and technique from young users.

It is great value for money, and doesn’t compromise on the essential features necessary for optimal oral hygiene.

How We Reviewed This Product?

The review of the Dada-Tech Kids Electric Toothbrush came from a dual perspective – as an experienced dentist with a decade of hands-on patient care and as a mum, understanding the challenges of maintaining children’s oral health.

I introduced the Dada Tech electric toothbrush in our daily routine with my 4 year old, for an honest review of its effectiveness.

We didn’t carry out any formal scientific trials or research studies, just an authentic, day-to-day evaluation at home. We used disclosing tablets and closely evaluated each feature, to make a comprehensive and honest review for our patients. We only recommend products that we would use ourselves.

Kids Electric Toothbrush Alternatives

While the Dada-Tech kids electric toothbrush impressed us with its features and value for money, there are some alternatives that may offer a different set of advantages for your child’s oral care needs. Here are some available on Amazon. 

Oral B Pro Kids 3+ Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B Pro Kids Electric Toothbrush Head, With Spiderman Characters, Extra Soft Bristles, For Ages 3+, Pack of 4 Toothbrush Heads, White


Why Our Dentists Like It:

A reputable brand recommended by dentists, the Oral B Pro Kids 3+ features a round oscillating rotating toothbrush that circles around each tooth as it cleans. The extra soft bristles prevent harshness while offering an effective clean. The free magic timer app encourages children to brush for longer as they earn virtual stickers for good oral hygiene habits.


Round oscillating rotating toothbrush head 

2 cleaning modes 

Customisable handle with themed stickers

Disney Magic timer integrated app 

Reputable brand 


More expensive 

No battery charge indicator

No pressure sensor

Vekia Junior Sonic Electric

Vekkia Sonic Rechargeable Kids Electric Toothbrush, 3 Modes with Memory, Fun & Easy Cleaning, 24000 Strokes, IPX7 Waterproof, 2-Min Timer for Age 5+, 4 Soft Bristles(Blue)


Why Our Dentists Like It:

Available in 4 colours and designs, there is sure to be a style that attracts your child. This toothbrush works with gentle sonic vibrations to dislodge plaque and oral bacteria around teeth and gums.


60 day battery life

3 cleaning modes

Pacer and timer integrated


Some online reviews suggest poor quality bristles that come out when brushing

Unfamiliar brand

Philips Sonicare for Kids 3+

Philips Sonicare for Kids 3+ Bluetooth Connected Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush, Interactive for Better Brushing, Turquoise, HX6321/02


Why Our Dentists Like It:

The sonic technology of the Philips Sonicare delivers gentle yet effective cleaning for children’s teeth. The playful design and bluetooth connectivity to an app help to keep children engaged when brushing. The app rewards good tehnique, and even sends reminders when brushing is missed to help with compliance.


Musical pacer

Free interactive app

Countdown 2 minute timer


Most expensive toothbrush recommended

No replacement brush heads included in kit



I like the Dada-Tech DT-KE9 toothbrush, as it made brushing fun for my 4 year old. It has a cute animal design, complete with LED lights, and managed to turn toothbrushing into a more exciting experience. The gentle sonic technology proved to clean effectively, and multiple modes means you can tailor the brushing to your child’s preferences.

The automatic shut-off feature is helpful for guiding children to brush for a full 2 minutes.

The super-soft bristles help to protect teeth, but are prone to fraying and need more frequent replacement, especially if children tend to bite on the brush. Helpfully, there are four replacement heads in the package.

There isnt an integrated app, but overall I think it is a good option and the affordability makes it an accessible choice for families. Click on our link to purchase the Dada-Tech Kids Electric Toothbrush and bring home a fun dental companion for your little one!


Do dentists recommend electric toothbrushes for children?

Yes, dentists generally recommend electric toothbrushes for children. They offer an effective clean, which is especially important for kids who may not have perfected their brushing technique. Electric toothbrushes often have built-in timers and pacers to guide effective brushing, and make the process more engaging for children.

From what age should children use an electric toothbrush?

Children can start using an electric toothbrush from the age of 3. Choose a toothbrush specifically designed for children, with small brush heads and soft bristles. Remember, parental supervision and assistance are crucial when young children are brushing, to ensure proper technique and prevent any accidental injuries. As children develop better motor skills and understanding of oral hygiene practices, they can gradually transition to more independent use of an electric toothbrush, usually around the age of 7. Children under the age of 3 should use a soft manual toothbrush.

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